Services for individual consumers

Services for individuals

LSA Lingua specializes in both English for General Purposes (EGP) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). The difference pertains to your course objectives. Are you looking to increase your general proficiency in English? Or would you rather improve on specific skills? Whatever your objectives or initial questions, we offer our one-to-one coaching services both professionally and flexibly. Perhaps equally important, LSA Lingua can do so at competitive rates due to having lower-overhead costs compared to other providers of educational services and agencies.

We offer:

  • Academic English, i.e. English for Academic Purposes (EAP),
  • Business English training solutions that help develop specific or overall skills,
  • General English, for example: Cambridge ESOL Exam training courses.

These types of training services can take place in the following modalities:

  • in-person (a.k.a. face-to-face) on location – for example on the job,
  • online through a combination of Zoom, Teams of Skype, e-mail and our LMS;
  • hybrid services which will partially take place online combined with in-person sessions for your convenience; this modality is ideal for writing courses.

What can you expect in terms of approach? My approach is:

  1. highly personalized, as it is tailored to what you require.
  2. effective. Its aim is to establish having improved skills and increased self-confidence. In each process, the following aspects are included: an online placement test and speaking assessment, establishing course objectives and learning outcomes upfront, and continuous process-evaluation.  Finally, you’ll acquire learning development strategies to use on the job or any other place of your choosing to ensure that you’ll be able to carry out tasks autonomously after the course has been completed.

Examples of courses:

  • Presenting in English,
  • Writing resumes and CVs in English,
  • How to communicate on LinkedIn,
  • Pitching in English,
  • Business writing courses focused on report writing, effective e-mailing in English, and much more.
  • Giving pitches or talks – TED-style,
  • Cambridge English tailored programmes,
  • Practical English courses,
  • IELTS-exam training courses,
  • English for management assistants, incl. telephoning in English
  • Preparation courses for occupational tasks, e.g. attending meetings in English.
  • Much more.

Interested in one of these services or in how we can help you communicate more effectively in the workplace? Please contact us anytime. The founder, Léonieke S. Ariaans, can be reached through 0031 (0)6 409 303 82 or through!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Please note that we are transparent in our costs to ensure cost-effectiveness, rather than hiding costs in our rates and thus inflating them. This way, we’re able to offer our services at highly competitive rates.

Hourly rates (60-minute sessions) for our services for individuals are:

  • € 100,- * ** (excl. VAT/BTW, i.e. either 0% or 21%)  traditional format (i.e. face-to-face sessions on location of 60 minutes) for whom the employer does not reimburse fees,
  • € 90,- * **(excl. VAT/BTW , i.e. either 0% or 21%) hybrid training format  – 60-minute session, in a package that consists of both online and face-to-face sessions
  • € 80,- * ( excl. VAT/BTW , i.e. either 0% or 21%) online/virtual training services – 60-minute session, in a package that consists of online sessions
  • € 70,-* (excl. VAT/BTW , i.e. either 0% or 21%) web-based writing courses, i.e. writing feedback is given digitally and Q&A session takes place through Skype (online sessions of 30 minutes via Skype incl. digital feedback on writing product/assignment that is prepared for this session of max. 4 A-4 pages).

* surplus of 20% after office hours and at the weekend with the exception of Cambridge exam training boot camps.

** Travel expenses of instructor if applicable, so excl. web-based training solutions:  €0,28 per km.

Please note that these rates apply for packages that consist of at least four sessions, i.e.€ 360,- (excl. VAT/BTW, i.e. either 0% or 21%) for traditional, online and hybrid training services. Please see ‘assessment‘ for initial costs per participant.

We are experienced in facilitating courses online and have been doing so since 2016. Learn more about us and the educational institution we have worked and are currently collaborating with.

Léonieke S. Ariaans – Founder of LSA LINGUA
Fixed-rate for Intake and Assessment costs-per client/participant

Initial costs per participant are estimated at € 112,- (excl. VAT/BTW, i.e. 21%): intake, language assessment (digital/ face-to-face meeting), course materials, an individual progress report, and proof of attendance after the course has been completed. These costs will be waved when customized/tailor-made training service is purchased through us.

Learn more about our services for individual clients:

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