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Descriptive language & copywriting

Metaphors | The founding fathers of metaphoricity, Lakoff and Johnson (1980), have argued that even though most people would argue that there can be life without metaphors, it would be extremely hard to live life without them because they are everywhere.
Some may find them a nuisance in one language and may love them in another.
However, in Business English and in #copywriting, for example, metaphors and other types of figurative language are often frequently used to help us experience life through words and thus language.
Linguistics research has also confirmed that this is the case and a large body of research can be found on this and similar topics. As metaphors and other types of figurative language are pervasive in everyday business-related discourse and otherwise, it is useful to view them as #rhetorical #tactics.
As they are pervasive in written discourse, like in copywriting, We’re creating a video series titled and on the topic of ‘Language to use for Copywriting Purposes’. So far, four videos have been created, which can be viewed below.
It may be useful to note that products or concepts are often described as ‘living things’ or vice versa.

YouTube playlist

Video 01: describing appealing qualities
Video 02: describing stylish qualities
Video 03: smart & sophisticated qualities
Video 04: describing sexy qualities
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