Giving talks | How to give an outline of your talk

introduction part 2

Presentation techniques – Introductory part – part 2 of 2

Besides including attention grabbers, the actual talk should be well-structured and clear introductions consist of at least two parts. One of them is providing an outline to ensure that your audience knows what to expect.  As you may know, meeting an audience’s expectations is half the battle, the rest is up to you in terms of how you present yourself as an expert or generalist.

Bonus tip

In this part, it may also be useful to include the estimated duration of your talk to be respectful of their time and to increase your chances of holding their attention throughout your talk. We all know that time is money for most people in business and in the professional domain.

Note that these tactics and ways of structuring your talk are useful regardless of the type of organization you work for or represent, so these are strategies to use for professional purposes, not just for business.

Find our video on the topic here.

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