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Students and YPs

Services for students and young professionals are offered through non-profit initiative Say WHAT now?!, which is part of LSA LINGUA.

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Workshops are offered on Saturdays in February and March of 2020. Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us through e-mail: We look forward to hearing from you!


Meet Say WHAT now?!, a nonprofit that helps students and young professionals, who live in the Netherlands, develop more effective communicative skills so as to prevent communicative challenges from happening that cannot be overcome. Preventing such instances from happening is done by introducing them to plain English conventions and a wide range of discourse tactics that is available to them. By raising awareness regarding how language use affects communication, such issues of potential misunderstanding are tackled that affect both interlocutors, i.e. the Dutchie and their interlocutor or audience.

Instructing them how to use the English language may help them to preserve or potentially restore the relationship they have with others – both native and non-native speakers of English- in various domains of communication, which may be work, school, or private life. For example. these Dutchies are made aware of the various types of register that exist for the purpose of helping them to communicate more appropriately. Ultimately, this is all understaken to help them navigate communicative situations more effectively to set them up for success.