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The services we offer to corporate and/or multi-national companies are: editing, consultancy, interim, and training services. Our value proposition is that we offer risk reduction in terms of diminishing the probability of your organization or department requiring identical services in the near future. This way, budgets can be spent in a more sensible and manner and return on investment can be more satisfactory compared to those vendors who only offer standardized solutions.

Our services specified

LSA Lingua offers language & communication training and consulting services to profit and non-profit organizations, but also one-to-one coaching to individuals. To our corporate clients, we also offer editing services because we understand that there sometimes isn’t any time to focus on learning how employees can do it better themselves. Ensuring a ‘win’ is more important in those cases for the entire business unit.

Our core business, however, is ensuring that our clients use English more accurately, appropriately and effectively. For this purpose, our core-business is training clients in using English better occupationally. More specifically, LSA Lingua specializes in both English for General Purposes (EGP) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) training services. The main difference between EGP and ESP courses pertains to the course objectives of the client, i.e. why is the client willing to take a course and what does s/he want to achieve?

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What modalities of training services does LSA Lingua offer?

  • Traditional course formats
  • Blended learning course formats
  • Web-based course formats

We offer traditional course formats, i.e. a larger number of sessions in traditional training settings, but also blended learning formats that partially take place online. In addition, we offer web-based solutions that consists of training sessions through Skype and e-mail. Interested? Please contact us for more information through info@lsalingua.nl. For our privacy statement that was composed in accordance with Dutch legislation, see url http://www.lsalingua.nl/about-us/our-approach/privacy-verklaring/ 


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