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LSA Lingua offers services to both organizations and individuals. More information can be found on services for organizations and services for individuals.

Our approach to language and communication training can be classified as a learner-centred one, which may need some clarification. Not only is a relaxed learning environment created, because a positive atmosphere aids the process of learning, but we have also found that clients prefer open communication. As a result. clear, measurable and time-bound objectives are formulated -congruent with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) descriptors- to both challenge our clients and to increase their autonomy. More specifically, special attention is paid to teaching strategies to increase autonomy, i.e. these strategies equip clients to carry on -their learning process- after the course has been completed.

We offer our clients a partnership. Please contact us for more information.

In sum, prior to any course, the level of each individual is accurately measured or assessed, and in our courses:

  • learning objectives are formulated in line with CEFR’s can-do statements,
  • a relaxed learning environment is created,
  • open communication is established, and evaluation takes place continuously,
  • strategies are taught to our clients,
  • lessons learned are evaluated at the end of the process.
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