Idioms you can use to help you sound more fluent and confident

Interested in sounding more confident and fluent?

The playlist includes idioms professionals can use directly on the job in situations when they need to be fluent and confident. Research in the field of Linguistics has shown that the use of idioms decreases cognitive load – allowing you to focus on things that matter.

Using idioms also increases fluency and demonstrates competence. In this list, it is demonstrated how the idiom is used in real life, how to look it up in different dictionaries (i.e. dictionary definitions are included in these videos), and what to do next to be able to acquire them.

Please note that you would need to use them at least 7 times afterwards to make that happen.

Please also note that It’s not about learning tricks but about learning how to use language appropriately and in a way native speakers would be able to recognize as it is socially conventional.

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We offer services that are relevant to those who need to use English professionally in a way that demonstrates social competence and that is in line with how they would express themselves in their native tongue – eloquent and sophisticated.

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