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Research in the field of Linguistics has shown that the use of idioms decreases cognitive load – allowing you to focus on things that matter. Using idioms also increases fluency and helps demonstrates communicative competence. Please note that lexical units need to be used at least 7 times in real life and in a short period of time to be able to retrieve them from memory later in time.

On our channel, videos in which idioms are included demonstrate how the idiom is used in real life, how to look it up in different dictionaries (i.e. dictionary definitions are included in these videos), and what to do next to be able to acquire them. Not only business vocabulary but also explainer videos on verb tenses can be found on our channel.

In videos on academic vocabulary, the emphasis is placed on form and pronunciation. It also allows you to discover patterns in word-formation for each lexical item that is a headword in that language family included in the list.

The aim of offering videos on our channel is for you all to become autonomous learners and to acquire the skills yourselves to be able to direct your own learning activities efficiently in the future. We also want to offer you everything you may need to start communicating more effectively, which is our purpose of being.

Léonieke Ariaans, M.A. –Founder of LSA LINGUA

Learning only really happens through exposure and through instructor-led guided and freer practice opportunities. So, communication skills can only really be improved in terms of linguistic and communicative performance can only really be improved with expert feedback and guidance for research in learning and development has shown that learners cannot accurately determine what they need exactly. Our services are offered at highly competitive rates. Tickets can be purchased through our webshop. Contact us if you’d appreciate clarification in response to your clarification requests.

Please note that it’s not about learning tricks but about learning how to use language appropriately and in a way native speakers would be able to recognize as it is socially conventional.

We –at LSA LINGUA– offer language & communication and consultancy services and we offer them to individual consumers (B2C) and to businesses and educational departments in universities (B2B). These services are relevant to those who need to use English professionally in a way that demonstrates social competence and that is in line with how they would express themselves in their native tongue – eloquent and sophisticated.
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