English is becoming a second language in the Netherlands. We offer our clients a partnership in this journey.

LSA LINGUA is based in the Netherlands, a tiny country with approximately 17 million inhabitants. In the Netherlands, English has increasingly been used - and even is currently used - as a lingua franca in various domains. What can be concluded from this development is that the language seems to have lost its foreign language status and is becoming a actual second language; for example, some of our Dutch universities have changed their language policies resulting in the adoptation of English as the main language of communication; that is with both internal and external stakeholders. Such examples illustrate that knowing how to use English more effectively, and being able to do so, is salient to reach educational and professional objectives. Consequently, having such well-developed skills is relevant for career development purposes. However, many Dutchies don't seem to feel comfortable using English this way yet of which much anecdotal evidence has been reported in local newspapers and elsewhere. They might also not feel equiped yet to use it as a second language, or might have received feedback that their English skills are not yet up to par. To help Dutchies and international employees in their journeys, we offer our clients a partnership. What distinguishes us from other vendors is that we thoroughly assess what is already going well and what should be improved before offering services as our starting point of each project we take on, regardless of whether were conducting business with academic language centres, businesses or individuals. In conclusion, developing and facilitating tailor-made, English for General and more Specific Purposes solutions is what we do best.

Setting you up for success

A needs-based analytical study is conducted continuously to ensure that our clients, or the clients of our clients, get the support they need to achieve the outcomes they desire to achieve.

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Keeping up-to-date with field-related developments

In doing so, we can offer our clients the best quality of service.

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As we do our due dillgence, we can offer our clients what they need in a way that is not only transparant, but is also focused on the main objectives of our client; as a result, our clients are neither confronted with unwelcome suprises, nor with additional costs.

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Trusted by quite a few educational institutions in the Netherlands and by a few thousand participants.

Many Dutchies are relatively proficient in listening and reading for gist, i.e. the general idea of the message. A possible explanation for it is that Dutchies are exposed to English quite a bit in daily life through pop culture. What's more, nothing is dubbed here and we have Dutch subtitles when anything is broadcast in English. This, however, does not mean that Dutchies are all very fluent and accurate in English. One of the language issues is that many don't know how to listen of read for detailed information. We, therefore, focus on helping you acquire skills to do this in a communicative way with the aim of communicating more comfortably, appropriately, professionally and effectively. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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We offer services to individuals, academic language centres and businesses.

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We offer skills- and language-based courses, one-to-one and group training services to individuals. Learn more about what we can do to help you reach your professional objectives.

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What some of our clients say about us

And specifically about the founder of LSA LINGUA: Léonieke Ariaans, MA.

An individual client (2017), who has been working at University of Applied Science for a large number of years, and who had just become a Ph.D candidate at the time we collaborated. I developed a writing course for her focused on proposal writing.

Léonieke heeft me als taaltrainer erg goed geholpen bij het schrijven van een onderzoeksvoorstel. Ze is erg betrokken en flexibel in het leveren van diensten, zowel qua tijdspanne als qua inhoud. Doordat ze me wees op gemaakte fouten kon ik mijn schrijven verbeteren. Haar positieve en opbouwende feedback maakt dat ik nu met meer zelfvertrouwen in het Engels kan werken en dat ik graag gebruik maak van haar deskundigheid.

Researcher and Ph.D-candidate

HAN, university of applied sciences

A programme manager that took her on and with whom she closely collaborated on a policy-level in the Business Administration Academy of a University of Applied Sciences, where she was responsible for the English curriculum of the business and public administration curriculum at the time (2016-2018).

Léonieke is een heel toegewijde Engelse taaltrainer met een gedegen kennis van het vak. Samen hebben we mooie nieuwe dingen mogen opzetten, waardoor het Engels verder kan integreren in het totale curriculum van de bedrijfskundige. Léonieke stelt hierbij vooral ook hoge eisen aan zichzelf en probeert daarmee het beste uit de student te halen. Een echte trainer.

head teacher Business Administration and programme manager

AVANS university of applied sciences